C H I C K E N   S P E C I A L T I E S

Chicken Curry
Mildly spiced with lots of sauce
Chicken Shahi Korma
Succulent chicken pieces and cheese cubes gently simmered with nuts and raisins

Chicken Jalfrezi
Tender chicken cooked with green peppers, tomatoes and onions
Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken pieces and potatoes cooked in a tangy hot sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala
Lightly broiled chicken cooked in a savory tomato, onion and butter sauce
Chicken Saag
Chicken pieces cooked with lightly spiced spinach and cream
Chicken Dal
Tender chicken pieces delicately blended with lightly creamed spiced lentils
Chicken Mater
Tender chicken pieces cooked with green peas and spices
Chicken Makhani
Specially cooked marinated chicken pieces smothered with onions, tomatoes, butter and cream sauce with nuts and raisins
Chili Chicken
Made with hot chili sauce
Chicken Mushroom
Tender chicken pieces cooked with mushrooms
Chicken Tikka Saag
Boneless marinated chicken cooked with spinach, cream and tomato sauce
Sabaz Chicken
Tender chicken pieces cooked with mildly spiced fresh vegetables
Special Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken tikka masala cooked with onions and green bell peppers
Tikka Bhartha
Marinated chicken tikka cooked with mildly spiced egg plant


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